Millions of Milkshakes


Emirates Hospitality U.A.E
Master License Holder of Millions of Milkshakes.

Millions of Milkshakes is the world’s most famous milkshake brand. We are proud to say that we are bringing this truly exciting and amazingly branded company to the UAE. Millions of Milkshakes is a family place, where every teenager wants to be seen and where you can’t get your children to leave because everyone loves the experience.

At Millions of Milkshakes, customers design their own milkshake from a choice of over 50 toppings, including a range of candies, chocolates, cereals, fruits and protein boosts, as well as ice cream, non-fat yogurt and vegan ice cream.

In less than 12 months Millions of Milkshakes has become a celebrity hotspot with a long wait-list of actors, musicians, and athletes requesting to make their own signature shakes.