Millions of Milkshakes

Millions of Milkshakes is the world’s first milkshake bar with millions of combinations.
The concept is simple – you, the customer design your own milkshake. With over 100 delicious and carefully chosen toppings to choose from, any of those toppings are blended with your choice of ice cream, non-fat yogurt or non-dairy ice cream. The Millions of Milkshakes menu is designed purely by the customer’s choice ranging from a healthy alternative, candy, chocolates, cereals or protein. Whatever the customer wants or desires, Millions of Milkshakes will give them a milkshake tailored to their own taste or choice.

The United States is historically known for milkshakes, yet there is no store in America that specializes in only milkshakes. Since the moment Millions of Milkshakes was opened in September 2008, customers have been lining up to get their “dairy fix.” The Millions of Milkshakes concept has the brightest colors, the funkiest themes, the hippest up-to-date music, and plasma screens showcasing the latest in Hollywood celebrity content, and thus easily attracts huge crowds. Besides milkshakes, a customer has a choice of having their toppings mixed into a sundae making it the ultimate ice cream dessert destination. From celebrities to families to children to late night clubbers or office workers, Millions of Milkshakes customer base is targeted at all ages and at all demographics. By carrying ice cream non-fat yogurt and ice cream non-dairy ice cream, we always keep in mind our customer’s dietary needs. People from all over Southern California come to Millions of Milkshakes, the latest craze that America’s talking about.

What makes Millions of Milkshakes into an instant brand is it’s relationships and access to the biggest stars in Hollywood. Because of the access to “A” list celebrities, we can promote Millions of Milkshakes directly to the celebrities themselves. Since we have opened, we have had many celebrities visit Millions of Milkshakes, which has created worldwide media attention to our brand as Millions of Milkshakes has been featured on the biggest newspapers, magazines and television shows worldwide. Naturally this has attracted not only the mass public to Millions of Milkshakes but also the world’s biggest stars, celebrities and their fans.