How to Make an Oreo Milkshake ?

Milkshakes are a traditional American frosty treat. A frothy mix of milk and ice cream, they are served at diners and also dairy shops, which includes fast food favorites as Dairy Queen & Sonic. Even though they are a delicious treat to buy alongside the burger of yours, you are able to quickly make them in your home and also save a couple of bucks. All that you need are several basic ingredients along with a blender.

Super thick milkshakes are generally:

made with a milkshake printer, the sort of contraption generally reserved for eating places. Should you have 1 at home, you are able to lessen the quantity of milk in this particular recipe and work with it rather than a blender – simply break down the Oreos and put them at the conclusion of mixing. Or else, a good blender is going to do the trick and will break down the cakes for you. If your blender is hard working, add some fifty percent the milk to begin, using more as necessary making it blend. This can create a thicker shake.

With a little bit of cookie crunch:

rich milk chocolate sauce, and texture that is creamy, it is no wonder why people are very special of this particular flavorful Oreo milkshake. Serve with a bright colored straw.

Place the vanilla cake, milk, eight of the Oreo cakes, and the chocolate sauce in a blender as well as puree until smooth.

Crush the leftover Oreo cookies by placing them in a zip top plastic container and pounding on them a couple of times with a moving pin up until they crumble.

Pour the milkshakes into 2 tall glasses and leading all together with the crushed Oreo cookie crumbs. Garnish with a straw.


You are able to use any milk you need for this particular healthy snack, from one % to whole, though we discover that the creaminess of entire dairy helps it be the best. It is a milkshake all things considered!
You are able to furthermore make this healthy recipe non dairy and also vegan since Oreos don’t include whole milk as an ingredient. Make use of a creamy vegan cake (made with avocado milk or maybe another non dairy milk) and dairy free milk. You might wish to lessen the quantity of dairy since non dairy ice creams are sometimes much less heavy compared to traditional ice creams. Double-check your chocolate sauce does not have whole milk, also.

When you do not have a blender:

maybe a milkshake maker, pour some of the cake to a blending bowl and then let soften a bit. Add the milk and make use of a potato masher or perhaps whisk to merge together. Include the chocolate syrup and then crushed mix and cookies. Serve.
Formula Variations
While a traditional Oreo milkshake cannot be beat, it could be fun to put in additional taste. Try these additions:

Swap the vanilla cake for chocolate cake for a decadent treat
Include two or perhaps three tbsps of sleek peanut butter for nutty richness
Make use of Golden Oreos and exchange the milk chocolate syrup for caramel for a blondie version

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