What I like about this particular recipe is it is naturally sweetened with fiber rich dates and gets its creamy consistency from a combination of combined chia seeds as well as hazelnuts. Hazelnuts have quite a fibrous texture themselves, however they mix and digest less difficult when soaked in water immediately, therefore you might wish to plan in advance by having a tiny bowl of hazelnuts soaking in the fridge of yours. Naturally, in case you’ve a high speed blender, it’ll virtually pulverize the hazelnuts quickly, soaked or perhaps not. Paired with chia seed products, and they are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, this’s a treat which will provide you feeling truly happy without having a high sugar crash.


3/4 glass water
1/4 cup healthy hazelnuts (with or with no skin), soaked immediately and drained
One tablespoon chia seeds
One tablespoon raw cacao powdered, and cocoa powder
Three to four dates, pitted
touch of salt
Ten ice cubes


Combine salt, dates, cacao powder, chia seeds, hazelnuts, and the water in a high speed blender, and mixture until smooth. Adjust some ingredients to taste, then add in the ice and merge once again to produce a milkshake like texture.

hazlenuts as well as chia seeds inside a blender Pour into 2 glasses and serve immediately!

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